Linex Logo

In 2002, the Extremadura government (Junta de Extremadura) decided to end the monopoly of Microsoft in its region due to the expenses of its licenses. To do this, they decided to create a Debian-based distribution designed to cover the needs of home users, government or schools with GNOME as the desktop environment. Linex was born.

The project started too strong but the full movement to this initiative failed. Anyway, schools in Extremadura adopted the distribution and the public sector started to adopt some years ago. But last year, and motivated by political changes in the government, its development and maintenance stopped and the Extremadura government ceded Linex’s responsability to CENATIC (National Center for the Application of Information Technology and Communication).

Now, CENATIC wants to keep working on Linex and started a public contest for to give the contract, and yesterday we knew that Emergya won it. It’s not our first rime with Linex because we already did some works for the public sector Linex flavour a couple of years ago, so we’re more than ready to achieve the goals.

I’m really happy of being part of the Open Desktops Team at Emergya, we developed more than 15 distributions since my arrival and we’re always proud of our results. Each time we start a new distribution, we do our best to success. We’re a multidisciplinary group working together on distributions and we cover most of the techonologies around, so I think Linex will be just another success.