GBeers is a world wide initiative for GNOME meet ups with lighting talk presentations and beers! Want to read more? Want to organize GBeers in your city? Check this out!

The first GBeers was in Madrid, and last thursday, we meet a few GNOME lovers in the Emergya office willing to start this initiative in Sevilla too.
For this first time, Emergya offered the venue for the talks and paid some free beers after the presentations (Thanks!). Ana Rey and I organized this event and we want to make it every month, as a regular meet up for GNOME lovers living in (or near) Sevilla.

As a brief resume, Ana and I talked about GBeers and the GNOME Hispano association, Pablo Escribano talked about GNOME OS Bundle, and I did a quick overview of the GNOME 3.6 release. We had developers and users, and I feel that there will be more attendees in the upcoming editions of GBeers Sevilla. They were more attendees than we expected, so it seems that this is only the beginning of something bigger.

Ana Rey posted a resume (in spanish) and we filled all the relevant information on this wiki page, there, you’ll see the attendees and more information about the event like the slides, or the group photo.