This week we’re starting the preparations for the first Cloud4All pilot rounds, whose will start in January 2013.

In this first pilot round we will focus on:

  • Testing the early version of Cloud4All semantic infrastructure
  • Testing the Semantic alignment mechanism
  • Comparative testing of 3 types of watching algorithms
  • First round of SP Applications

This first pilot will take place in Greece, Spain and Germany, and will be driven by CERTH, ONCE and SDC respectively. There will be a lot of people involved in each place:

  • 30 beneficiaries of various groups
  • 10 developers
  • 5 key stakeholders

We (Emergya) are responsible for the works on the Linux/GNOME platform and we work together with the Vodafone Foundation for the Android platform, so it’s time to stabilize the already implemented features on GNOME and to give some love to the Android one, which still has more problems than solutions. :/

On the GNOME side, I’m still making progress with the (G)DBus bridge. Last week I’ve been revamping the argument parsing and now, the DBus calls return values are returned to Node.js in a pretty JSON structure.
Regarding node-gir, I didn’t had time for testing it enough, but it seems to have some problems with UTF8 returning values. I’ll try to get time to dive into this a bit and hopefully provide a patch for it.

Right now on the Android side, there are more problems than solutions. We’re working with the Vodafone Foundation for addressing these problems and willing to provide the first Android implementation as soon as we can.