I’ve just published a great release of Accerciser, the first unstable one.
Accerciser 3.5.3 comes with a lot of bugfixing, and new improvements too.

As a brief resume:

  • Joanmarie Diggs fixed the macaroon’s script recorder
  • Joanie and I fixed some i18n UnicodeDecode problems
  • I fixed a problem where accerciser failed to start on F17

Now, I have some things in mind for this development cycle, and most of them with some patches waiting for a review.

  • Some Gtk Deprecations, already done by Aline Bessa
  • Review Joanie’s Python 3 migration of Accerciser
  • Review more received patches and think about coding some new requested feature

I’d like to thank to everyone who contributed in this 3.5.3 release, either reporting bugs, doing translations or submitting patches. 😉

You can read the full details here [1]

[1]: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-accessibility-list/2012-June/msg00023.html