For all those who don’t know, it will be an A11yCamp this year at GUADEC, and as Juanjo Marin said in his announcement in some mailists: “A11yCamp is an unconference designed to help improve GNOME Accessibility wherever we can”. So, as a Gnome Accessibility Team member, I encourage *you* to attend this event. We have not a schedule (yes, it’s an unconference) , and we will be there for talking about (among many other interested topics):

  • Automated Testing
  • Bug Triaging
  • Design
  • Distro Issues
  • Documentation
  • Free desktop Accessibility / GNOME Accessibility beyond GNOME
  • GNOME 3.6 and Accessibility Always On
  • Hacking on Accessibility
  • Hacking and ensuring Accessibility
  • Improving collaboration with other teams
  • Marketing
  • New Assistive Technologies
  • Performance
  • … or whatever you want

Addingly, this year I’m helping with the organization of the IX GUADEC-ES , the Hispanic version of GUADEC. It will be integrated into the GUADEC’s BoFs and Hackfests schedule, but this event will be in Spanish. We’ll enjoy with some presentations and debates from the most popular Hispanic Gnome Rock Stars, so you’re invited to attend if you’re Hispanic, or want to learn a little bit of Spanish. 😛

You will find more information about the A11yCamp and GUADEC Hispana at

So, I’ll be busy this year at GUADEC, see you there!

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