… but we still need the last effort.

When I started to work around Gnome, around 5 years ago, I were fascinated about reporting bugs, backporting packages and putting my knowledge as a distributions developer and as an advanced user into my main assignation at my day job, the Guadalinfo project. From the beggining, my first movitation on Guadalinfo was that I was making people with difficulties on their access to new technologies were able to enjoy them without barriers. Most of these people are old people, but there are also another kind of users, and lot of them with special needs. Special needs like braille devices, big keyboards or assistive software.

Two years ago, my opportunity arrived, and I started to contribute to Gnome on my job time. This resulted on a contribution to Orca, since Guadalinfo wanted to give a user profile support to Orca. This first experience was very special to me, because I realized that anyone can contribute with Gnome, and so, you’re helping a lot of people, like the Guadalinfo users.

This year, the Gnome Accessibility Team is trying to get an extra support, and give to people with disabilities the chance of enjoying some new improvements and enhancements on our platform. There are a lot of ideas like performance improvements, track focus and caret features into the Gnome Shell Magnifier or built-in accessibility features into WebKit, among other stuff.

The campaign is still open, the Marketing Team is doing a great job (thanks!), and the campaign is a success as we’re too close to our goal, but we need a last effort from you. You can still make your donations, spread the word about the campaign, tell us your story (like Diego and Robert already did) or whatever, but help us to make this year, the year of accessibility.

For more information, you can check http://www.gnome.org/friends/ and there, you will see how you can make your donations or read the stories from Robert Cole and Diego Sánchez.