After a community break, I had some changes to commit to accerciser. So let’s make a special announce for this 3.3.5 release.

One of them, was the macaroon pygobject migration. AFAIK, Orca is the only project which is still using macaroon, so I did this for to keep the Orca performance test alive. Addingly, this release comes with these following changes.

– Fix for bug #659296 – Uncompatibilities with new version of IPython
– Bug 666251: Fix broken tags in gl.po
– Merge branch ‘macaroon-pygi’ into master

Of course, we have new and updated translations:

– Łukasz Jernaś (pl)
– Daniel Mustieles (es)
– Praveen Illa (te)
– Jiro Matsuzawa (jp)
– Kjartan Maraas (nb)
– Fran Diéguez (gl)

For this release, I got the help from Julian Taylor and Mario Sánchez to finish the ipython plugin. Also, Joanmarie tested the macaroon-pygi branch, so thanks a lot!!

About the ipython plugin, now it works with ipython-0.11, but still need some additional love, and additional testing …. of course. :]
About the macaroon  pygobject migration, is only related with internals, so the gui and the sequence recorder will not work as expected. We need more time for to get this feature working again. :S

Now, it’s time to work looking forward the gnome 3.4 release, which will have a lot of accessibility improvements.

Enjoy it!