As I said in my previous post, we were working on getting our live images ready for the 3.2 and finally, we finished them!

The most effort comes from the openSUSE guys, they packaged all the stuff as soon as the tarballs appeared on the FTP. And one more time, I need to say that I’m proud of being part of this, working with the Jedi masters of the openSUSE, Vincent Untz and Frederic Crozat.

Our first intention was to get them ready for the release day, but we had to did some last-minute rebuilds before generating the images, and we needed some reasonable time for to give them a try for to ensure, that the images were valid. Matthias Clasen and Frederic Peters helped with this, thanks!

Now we have them, it’s official, we can try the live system without installing, or we just can install it! (and I’m serioulsy thinking on this)
As the iso URLs could change in the future, you will always can get them from the getting-gnome section at the gnome website.

Thanks to the gnome release team for the help provided, and of course, thanks to my co-workers Juanje Ojeda  and Alejandro Leiva at Emergya, who gave me the chance (and some time) for to work partially on this in my job time.

Enjoy these live images and happy Gnome 3.2!!!