This is the english version of my previous post, it’s not a literal translation and it has some slightly differences, but the spirit is the same. 😛

The post:

As we’re doing internal training sessions at Emergya during this week, I’m going to post a little about it.

Every year, these internal training sessions are organized and we, the co-workers, are responsible to make these sessions, for sharing experiences or for bringing new technologies to the group and to discuss a little about to adopt them.

Since I’m helping Frederic Crozat with the Gnome 3.2 live image, my co-workers asked me about to give to them a talk about this experience for to explain, what the OBS is and why openSUSE uses it.

Yesterday It was my turn, and people at the talk liked the Open Build Service a lot. We work on derivating and developing distros and our Buildbot based build system works like a charm, but now OBS is giving us a new POV.

We usually work with Debian or Ubuntu, but we’re thinking about to adopt it here at Emergya.

For the less experimented people in distro development, I finished my session with a trip around Susestudio and to connect it to the OBS was the icing of the cake. Some of them started to cook their own distros.

Since some people from twitter were interested in this, I’ve shared the slides[1][2], so people can download it. You can do whatever you want with them. 😉

Happy cooking!!

[1]: OBS slides
[2]: Susestudio slides