I’d like to reopen my blog with a simply post, so first of all, I have to say that all previous posts have been removed because I want to give a radical change to the blog. At this moment I had no time (or just didn’t get time for it) for posting, but lot of peope said to me that I needed to get time because I’m usually doing lot of cool stuff, and, as you can see, this is the first step.

At this moment, my blog was intended to be a personal way for to share information that I considered relevant, it had a few posts from 2007, but now I want to generate new content too, with my own experiences and my own opinions, so that’s the reason because I’m changing the blog theme, the design, the title (which is still provisional until I’ll have a more original one), etc. Another reasons for the change is that I’m currently working on different things, with different techologies and, of course, people must to reinvent himself once in a while.

Addingly, I need to say that this blog will be mainly written in two languages, spanish and english, and it will depend on the topic of the post or on the day of the week 😛

At this moment, I have ideas for many posts, based on my technical experiences at my dayjob at Emergya or at my works on the gnome community, but, if you know about me and you want a post for something in particular, feel free to make to me a proposal. In fact, I’m working in a few posts about stuff that some people have interested in.

So, please be patient, new posts are coming.

This weekend I’ll be working in Accerciser, gnome 3.1 string freeze is near and I need to include the new mallarized documentation provided by Aline Bessa, so, wish me luck!